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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Slate Roofs

slate tile roofing

Slate roofs, made of natural metamorphic rock, make a beautiful architectural statement. Built to last, many are still in existence a 100 years or more after first being laid, and you can certainly see plenty of historical examples in Australia’s cities. Slate roof tiles are also making a comeback in contemporary homes. However, often serious mistakes are made when installing slate roofs.

Slate isn’t the cheapest available roofing option to install, even though it’s longevity can be a saving over time. So, if you are choosing to build a new home with a slate roof, or need to restore and repair an older roof, here are five common mistakes to avoid in order to get value for money.

1. Choosing a roof tiling company which lacks experience in slate
While slate has been around for hundreds of years, not all roof tilers have the required expertise or experience to build or restore a slate roof. There are a few dos and don’ts that are peculiar to the stone. To get the weatherproof, beautiful look you desire, you should ensure you choose an experienced, professional slate roof tiling team for the work.

2. Failing to get a detailed specification of the work to be performed
The work specification should include the start and finish date, the details of the materials and resources to be used, and the cost. Check why each material has been chosen. For example, it is important to use the correct fixing nails – generally copper or stainless steel are recommended – otherwise they can corrode over time and you will be up for the cost of repairs.
Ask how the work will be done to avoid mistakes being made. Slate tiles should not be walked on as they can crack and break. What system will the tiler use while constructing or renovating the roof?

3. Failing to consider the finished look
Slate isn’t quite as uniform as clay or concrete tiles, so it’s important to understand that there may be slight variations in colour when it’s laid. Ask the tiler to lay out some of the slate tiles on the ground first to give you an idea of the finished look, avoiding possible disappointment later.

4. Not doing research on tile choice
Slate tiles come in different profiles and colours, so get some expert advice from your roofing team, do your own research and consider a few different types before you make your final decision. Keep a sample of your chosen tile, and check it against the delivery before the installation begins.

5. Forgetting to ask about a work guarantee or warranty
What happens if two months down the track, your new roof leaks? Make sure you ask your slate tiler whether they offer a guarantee or warranty on their work, for peace of mind.

If you’re looking for slate roof tiles in Sydney and an experienced team to install a new roof or repair your old one, contact us. Slate is our speciality.