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4 Natural Properties of Slate Roofs

Built in 1835, Elizabeth Bay House was the first building in the new colonial town of Sydney to have a slate roof, made from the Welsh slate ballast from a ship’s hold due to its natural properties. In fact, although … Read More

Beware: 5 Common Slate Roof Installation Blunders

While slate roofs look fantastic, it can sometimes be difficult to find a tradesperson who is skilled and experienced in using this very old and traditional roofing material. The Slate Roof Installation or renovation requires a special set of skills, … Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Slate Roofs

slate tile roofing

Slate roofs, made of natural metamorphic rock, make a beautiful architectural statement. Built to last, many are still in existence a 100 years or more after first being laid, and you can certainly see plenty of historical examples in Australia’s … Read More