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Choosing the Right Roofer

St Jeromes Roofing Project

How to Choose the Best to Put a Roof over Your Head                                                                                                                                           A roof over your head is a basic necessity, but who will build it? Making the right choice for your home or business is incredibly important, as choosing the wrong people to build it, or the wrong material, can result in the need for costly repairs. You need to choose the right roofer.

All natural, all purpose, all enduring slate
Capable of lasting over one hundred years, Welsh slate is completely natural and UV resistant to retain colour through the harshest of Australian conditions. Slate tiles are also fire proof, highly water resistant and free from additives that can wear down over time, causing damage.
Whether you’re in the rolling hills of Wales or looking for a slate roof in Sydney, Welsh slate really is the perfect material for building a low maintenance, durable, environmentally friendly and visually appealing roof. But who should you get to build your new slate roof?

DIY and roofs don’t mix
On no account, unless you happen to be a master slater already, should you attempt slating your own roof. Each tile is cut individually for a perfect fit, a skill which takes years of experience to perfect. Look for slate roofing specialists that have been in operation for many years and have been entrusted with large restoration projects or historical properties. There’s no substitute for a wealth of experience and an expert understanding of the craft. The right roofer will give you the result you need.

Don’t pay the price by looking for a cheap price
Building a slate roof is a skill honed over many years, and searching out your roofing company based solely on price is inadvisable. While slate tiles and installation may cost more at the outset, the initial hit to the bank balance may be outweighed over time by the low cost of maintenance and repairs.
Look for a company that can complete your roof installation at an affordable price, but be prepared to spend a little more for a job well done. After all, it’s going to last.

Can you find the boss?
Not all bosses are created equal. When calling companies for quotes and to ask questions, it’s a good idea to speak with the owner. This being impossible or very hard to achieve is never a good sign.
The boss should be able to answer your questions and put you at ease. Installing a slate roof is a big investment and confidence is key in choosing the right company for the job

And an on-the-job boss……
A good slate roofing company should also have an owner that’s on hand and ready to make your roof installation as painless as possible, not someone who has little or no idea what their tradesmen are doing on your project.
They should ideally either lead the team or make a point of visiting your project regularly at important stages to confirm all is going well and check on the quality of the work.

Hired heroes or a band of brothers
A team that sticks together wins together. When searching for a company to do your slate roofing in Sydney, check to see whether you will be getting a dedicated specialist team that is used to working together, or a band of hired contractors. This will ensure you choose the right roofer.

A roof to be proud under
A hand crafted slate roof could be just what you need to cap off the building of your dreams, and picking the right hands to craft it makes all the difference, so make sure to choose your slate roofing specialists wisely.