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Five Telltale Signs You Need Your Roof Repaired

A well-maintained roof is fundamentally important to our quality of life and housing, yet it is often something that we overlook or take for granted. It’s crucial to keep up the maintenance of the home roof in order to protect yourself and your family from the elements, to ensure your house is as energy efficient as possible and finally, to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.

Here are five telltale signs that you might need to consider professional roof repairs.

  1. Loose, missing or curling shingles. The shingles on your roof are the top layers of protection between you and the elements. As they are exposed to the extremes of weather conditions over time, they can begin to curl upward, not providing the complete protection that they should. They can also get displaced due to heavy winds or constant rainstorms. If you can see any curling or loose shingles, or if some are completely missing from your roof, you should immediately take action and get your roof professionally repaired.
  2. Dark, wet spots or water stains. The most common and obvious sign of a damaged roof is water leakage. If water has leaked inside the house during rainy weather, this means that water has managed to make its way through the roof’s many structural layers to get there. If you spot discoloured marks on the ceilings directly underneath the roof early, leaks can be attended to before they seep further down into the walls.
  3. Rotting wood and mould. When shingles absorb too much moisture, they can begin to wear away which can lead to a leaking roof. Wooden roofs often decay in locations of excess humidity and moisture. If mould begins growing inside holes in the wood, it will spread quickly. Keep an eye out for a chalky substance spreading on the interior of the roof.
  4. Buckling and sagging. When a roof buckles, moisture can get in and energy can escape. It takes only a tiny entry point for water to get in and cause damage. This can, of course, lead to leaks and far more expensive problems in the future. Cupping and buckling are indicative of a weak roof framing. Take some time to inspect your roof for signs of unevenness or sagging.
  5. Damaged flashing. Flashings are metal pieces that can be found on the waterproof parts of a roof. Look out for puckering or buckling of the flashing material as well as looseness or tears. Flashing material can get cracked or bent due to improper installation or drying and cracking on older roofs. Thus, take particularly care when inspecting your chimney as flashings on them are much more prone to damage with the extra heat they must withstand.


Checking your roof for signs of damage every so often will be worth the trouble and your time. Most well maintained roofing systems can last two decades or more, however the most minor of roofing defects can bring about long-term problems and avoidable expenses. Much also depends on the type of tiles that you choose for your roof. Slate tiles for example are more durable and can often last up to a hundred years. So it is important to choose your roof tiles carefully and to contact a roofing company the minute you notice any issues, so a professional can conduct an evaluation and offer suitable help.

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