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Make slate tiles your Spring auction choice.

Spring auction season is here ladies and gents, and with it Sydney’s property marketing is heating up. With the heat comes the first wave of advice, with hot tips and what’s what with trends to look out for when investing in your first or next property.

We thought we’d throw in our two cents.

Here at Westwood Roofing we’re thinking, keep it simple; make sure your foundations are there, make sure the walls are sturdy and make sure the roof is a beauty.

That last one’s a big one for us.

Preferably, make sure the roofing material is slate tiles. It’s really quite breathtaking to see what good slate roofing can do to breathe new life into a building. Check out our work on St Patricks Estate in our portfolio to see what we’re getting at. As you can see from that example slate tiles and slate roofing is what we do and what we’re passionate about. The roof of the building may as well be the hair, and Westwood Roofing is in the business of making sure your building’s hair is polished.

In the current real estate climate, or any for that matter, you don’t want to have to spend time repairing faulty roofs let alone living under one. Slate tiles are renowned for being one of the sturdiest and hard wearing materials you can choose as a roofing option.

It’s one of the reasons we love working with slate tiles.

It’s also one of the reasons why slate roofing is the preferred option of most public buildings, houses of religion and in extreme climates—as with homes in the Swiss Alps—where slate tiles are used for their toughness as well as for their aesthetic value.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again—there’s nothing quite like slate tiles and slate roofing when it comes to noticeable quality.

For the uninitiated, the reputation of slate tiles as sturdy is accompanied by the assumption that they’re sturdy looking, in a bad way.

As we know at Westwood Roofing that’s simply not the case.

Slate tiles are made of rock so there is an element of hard edged-ness about slate tiles but importantly they are made from layers of rock. When these shivers of coloured mineral deposits are layered one over the other, in the way natural slate is made over years upon years, the end product can be nothing but unique.

The layered nature of slate also means that it requires professional handling. Installing slate tiles is no weekend checklist endeavour. Play the safe card and hire an experienced slate tile installer if you’re thinking about investing in slate roofing.

The value slate roofing can add to a home is therefore threefold. Slate tiles are sturdy and therefore roofing slate tiles gives the owner peace of mind. This is added to by the fact that the visual merits of the material are unlike any other.

So whether you’re thinking of selling or buying this Spring auction season, let’s bring it back to basics; good floor, good walls, great roof and happy shopping.