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The Benefits of Slate Tiling

All homeowners will agree that having a roof that’s both durable and attractive is essential, which is why slate tiling is an immensely popular choice when it comes to homeowners’ preferred roofing materials. If you’re considering re-roofing your home, you’ll want to read about some of the benefits of slate tiling.

The Appeal of Slate Tiles

Slate is highly regarded for its aesthetics and appealing look. Its natural stone appearance is one of the key reasons why slate remains such a popular choice among discerning homeowners. Slate also offers plenty of choice in terms of colour, thickness and tile size, allowing you to choose a roofing style that’s perfectly suited to your home—no matter its age or design.

Importantly, slate tiles don’t fade, meaning that your roof will retain its original appearance for years to come, and you won’t need to invest in expensive treatment and replacement cycles. In addition to this, slate tiles need very little ongoing maintenance, making them both a time- and cost-effective investment.

Choose Slate Tiles for Longevity

Another reason that slate is celebrated as a roofing product is its impressive longevity. Slate roofs can be expected to last at least a hundred years, with 150 years a reasonable upper limit for well-maintained and properly constructed roofs. This exceptional lifespan puts it yards ahead of other roof tiling options, many of which may only last a couple of decades before repairs or even a full-scale replacement is required. A further upside to the longevity of slate is that the infrequency with which it needs to be replaced means that slate roofs generate very little waste.


In addition to its appearance and longevity, one of the many benefits of slate tiling is its durability when it comes to the elements, and in particular fire. Slate tiles are entirely impervious to fire, making it an excellent choice in areas where bushfires or lightning strikes are a problem, or where fireplaces are present.

Slate is also waterproof, meaning that unlike porous roof tiles, your roof won’t absorb water, and neither will it be affected by mould or fungus issues that commonly affect other roof types. This can be an important consideration if you live in an area that is prone to rain, hail or snow.

The benefits of slate tiling are myriad, and when its longevity, weather-proof nature and minimal maintenance requirements are taken into consideration, slate tiling is well worth the initial outlay: a slate roof can be considered an investment, not an expense.

If you’re considering installing a slate roof for your home, Westwood Roofing has significant experience with slate tiling installations.