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Timber Shingle Roof Repair – Cadmans Cottage

Repairing Cadmans Cottage

Cadmans Cottage Shingle Roofing

Earlier this year the National Parks and Wildlife Service tasked the Westwood Roofing team with repairing the timber shingle roof of Cadmans Cottage. With June fast approaching, we are happy to announce, it’s finished!

Located on the edge of The Rocks, Cadmans Cottage has the singular distinction of being the oldest surviving residential building from the original settlement years of Sydney Cove. Completed in 1816, Cadmans Cottage is one of Sydney’s landmark heritage buildings. It has been a truly memorable and enjoyable experience adding our work to a handcrafted building such as this.

For a full case summary and more images of our work on Cadmans Cottage, go to our portfolio or click here.

Timber Shingle Roofing

Timber Shingle Roof Tiles: Hand Split Casuarina Shakes

While treating timber roof shingles with modern chemicals has extended its lifespan, timber is still a material that is prone to deterioration with age. More so than other modern roofing materials, timber shakes and shingle roof tiles weather with time, changing in shape and colour.

As a heritage building, our repair work on Cadmans Cottage prioritised historical integrity and building preservation over more permanent modern roofing solutions. The original timber roofing shingles (shakes that were hand cut from local Casuarinas), were again replaced with hand split shakes from another local variety of Casuarinas.

The main difference between timber shakes and timber shingles for roofing?

Typically timber shingle roof tiles are sawn from blocks or milled to exact measurements using machines. They are easy to fit together for roofing purposes.

On the other hand, installing a roof using timber shakes requires much more skill and roofing experience. Timber shakes are generally hand split and so are more irregular in shape. Roofing with timber shakes is further hindered by the fact that they don’t lay as flat when installed and are difficult to piece together.

Workmen from Westwood Roofing removed each of the deteriorated timber shakes and replaced them with a newly cut Casuarina shake. Each shake used on Cadmans Cottage were hand split then trimmed to size for a truly hand-crafted finish to the building.

Casuarina shakes were used on Cadmans Cottage to preserve the colonial charm of the building and maintain the historical integrity of its original roofing material.

Be sure to visit Cadmans Cottage from May 24-June 10 this year for its feature in VIVID Sydney! The Electric Canvas has returned to Sydney and will be projected onto the front of Cadmans Cottage from 6:00PM-Midnight for the duration.