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Top Benefits of Roof Replacement

If your Sydney roof is looking damaged or weathered, the benefits of replacing it entirely may outweigh the costs. Replacing an entire roof seems like a daunting task, bur rest assured that other than the initial cost of replacing your roof, the pros will work in your favour – below are the top benefits of replacing your home’s roof.Safety and protection from the elements

Your home’s roof plays an important protective role in keeping your home safe from damage caused by heavy rain and wind and other weather events. However, a damaged or ageing roof is less likely to be able to offer this protection, and leaks and problems caused by weather conditions and local wildlife can result. Installing a new roof in your Sydney property is a good way to ensure that your home and family are protected from the damage that can occur when an ageing roof is subjected to weather extremes.

Reduce your heating and cooling costs

Sydney weather can vary, and with it so can your heating and cooling costs. A roof plays a key role in insulating your home from the elements, and also in keeping in cool air in summer and warm air in winter. By opting for a roof replacement, especially if you choose a roof type known for offering great insulation, you can improve your home’s insulation rating, and cut back on your heating and cooling needs, which benefits your bottom line.

Reduce insurance premiums

A new roof brings with it improved protection from the elements, and if you’ve opted for heat- and weather-resistant roofing materials, you may well be able to make a case for reducing your insurance premiums. Insurance, after all, is all about risk, and with a new roof comes reduced risk of having to make a claim for weather-related damage. Replacing your whole roof can result in even better results than a partially replaced or repaired roof, so it’s definitely worth looking into an entire roof replacement.

Increase your home’s resale value

Your home’s roof is an important contributor to the overall value of your property. Not only will a roof replacement increase the kerb appeal of your property, but as it’s key to your home’s security, insulation and imperviousness from the elements, it will also increase the sale value of your home. These benefits are priceless. Certain types of roofing, such as slate tiles, which are long-lasting and fireproof, can result in a significant increase to your home’s value, and can be an excellent investment to make.

Replacing your roof can improve your home’s safety rating, reduce your insurance premiums and increase your home’s resale value, so if your Sydney roof is looking a little worse for wear, contact the experts at Westwood Roofing for advice on how to get the most out of your roof replacement.

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