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Heritage Slate Roofing

Heritage Slate Roofing Specialists

Westwood Slate Roofing specialises in providing quality Australian slate roofs. We have over 30 years of collective experience in slate roof installation,  slate roof repair and heritage slate roofing. Providing thousands of homes and buildings slate and shingle roofing has been our mission since the early 1980’s.

With a wealth of experience in the restoration and repair of roofs on historic buildings, .Westwood Roofing has had the pleasure of working on government buildings as well as historically significant buildings across New South Wales. Our work also includes renowned heritage sites such as churches, cathedrals, universities and old historic homes.

Restoring old buildings to their original condition is no easy feat and requires great skill and dexterity. The Westwood Roofing team possess expertise, fine workmanship and artistry and is committed to helping old colonial homes and buildings regain their original character, beauty and splendor.
Slate Roof Repairs and Heritage Slate Roofing in Sydney
Owner and master slater, Heath, works in conjunction with a team of expert and licensed tradesman. Health personally oversees all the slate roofing conducted by the team on-site to ensure quality craftsmanship and best practice.

Our Heritage Slate Roofing Experience

Westwood Roofing also has a dedicated warehouse from where we offer high quality slate and shingles. These include slate tiles such as Canadian Glendyne and Welsh Penryhn which are robust and durable and can withstand even the toughest of Australian weather conditions. With an exceptionally long life span, slate is the greatest option, as not only does it look remarkable but is a natural product and environmentally friendly.

Westwood Roofing is proud of its exceptional work. Examples can be viewed in the online portfolio.

For more information on the slate roof tiles that we store in our slate warehouse, and on our slate roofing services and roof repair service, contact Heath and the friendly Westwood team.

Slate Tiles and Heritage Slate Roofing in Sydney
Slate Tiles and Heritage Slate Roofing in Sydney
Slate Tiles and Heritage Slate Roofing in Sydney
Slate Tiles and Heritage Slate Roofing in Sydney