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Randwick House


The Westwood Slate Roofing Team has been provided with many opportunities to work on a range of unique and enjoyable projects, but this project in Randwick would certainly be one of the most memorable. The owners had begun construction on this weatherboard-clad outdoor bathroom and toilet, but had been finding it difficult sourcing a roofing material that would provide longevity and an aesthetic accent to the whitewashed wooden cladding.

The durability and weather-resistant qualities of slate made it an appealing choice, and Westwood Roofing was contacted to complete the project. Through consultation at the site, it was decided that CanadianGlendyne slate would be most suitable for this particularly unique project. Completed with a hidden Mitred ridge, this outdoor bathroom and toilet demonstrates the versatility of slate as a roofing material and its suitability for cabanas and other smaller outdoor structures.