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Slate Roofing

Professional Slate Roofing Services

With over 30 years collective experience in slate roofing installations, Westwood Roofing confidently offers the best slate roofing installation services in Sydney.

Owner and master slater, Heath, along with Westwood Roofing’s team of skilled and licensed tradesmen have helped install and restore slate roof tiles in private and public buildings across NSW. Heath overseas all the slate roofing conducted by the team on-site in order to assure quality workmanship and best practice.

Examples of Westwood’s slate roofing work can be viewed in the online portfolio.

The art of fixing slate roof tiles

Several steps are involved in the process of slate roofing.

First, the bare roof will be covered breathable membrane, as specified by the architect or builder.

With the base for the slate roof tiles ready, the Westwood Roofing Team will sort and hole the slate roof tiles into groups of equal thickness. The slates are fixed with two 40mm copper nails.

Once the correct gauges, number of layers and thickness of the slate tiles have been sorted, the slate roof tiles are fixed in perpendicular lines.

Each slate roof tile is cut to fit, which is part of the skill involved in slate roofing.

Like puzzle pieces coming together to form a picture, a handcrafted slate roof may be just the thing to top off the home of your dreams.

Slate Roofing
Slate Roofing
Slate Roofing

Our experience with slate roofing is unmatched!

Whether you are looking to install slate roof tiles in a new home, or to restore the slate roof tiles of an older building to their former glory, Westwood Roofing can deliver high quality slate roofing from start to finish.

With so many years looking after historical buildings and roofs, our aim is to provide our clients with the best type of old-fashioned service. Westwood Roofing follows a simple, hands-on approach to customer service. All communications with clients aim to be clear, prompt and professional. Heath attempts to answer all enquiries from current and prospective clients personally and within 48 hours of contact.

Yes, we offer alternatives to slate roof tiles!

While the team at Westwood Roofing specializes in the installation of slate roofing, we also provide a range of other services for home restoration and new construction projects. Westwood’s expertise extends to providing roof installation options from a wide range of shingle roofing materials. These alternatives to slate roofing may prove to be a better fit for your home.

For more information on the slate roof tiles we store in our slate warehouse, and our slate roofing services or our roof repair service, contact Heath and the Westwood Team directly.