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Roofing slate

Welsh slates: the answer you’re looking for

At Westwood Roofing, we only use the best quality slate roof tiles which we also offer to the public from our slate warehouse. We specialise in the supply and installation of the highest quality Canadian Glendyne and Welsh Penryhn slate tiles.

Heath, master slater and owner of Westwood Roofing, first learned the slate tile trade in England in the 1980s before moving out to Australia. Since then, Heath has built and led the Westwood Roofing Team; a group of highly skilled and licensed tradesmen with experience in slate roofing, to install and restore slate tile buildings across Sydney.

Why Welsh or Canadian roofing slate?

Clients often come to the Westwood Roofing Team asking whether slate tiles are a worthwhile investment. With over 30 years of collective experience and expertise in the installation and restoration of slate tiles in all types of buildings across Sydney, Heath and the Westwood Roofing Team are confident they are an investment worth making, and here are the reasons why:

The original roofing material

The slate tiles used by Westwood Roofing are Welsh slates.
Welsh slate produces the highest quality roofing slate in the world. It is a material that has been used for hundreds of years in the UK due to its practical applications and aesthetic appeal.
To the benefit of many, Welsh slate can now be accessed by homeowners around the world.

Unsurpassed performance

When compared with alternative tile materials—concrete, clay, fibre cement and synthetic slate—Welsh slates will always come out on top.
As a premium type of slate, they are renowned for durability.
They are unaffected by the sudden changes and extreme temperatures Australia is famous for. What’s more, they are highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals that can be found in modern environments.
As Welsh slate is a naturally occurring material, it will retain its natural colour through thick and thin. Slate  have high resistance to UV light and will retain their colour even under harsh exposure to UV.

Slate Tiles
Slate Tiles
Slate Tiles

For those on the coast, air and water (including sea air and spray) have no affect on slate tiles as slate is impermeable to water.
For those closer to bushland, Welsh slate roof tiles are a non-combustible material, but more importantly, slate does not support combustion. The Welsh slates used by the Westwood Roofing Team have an AA Fire Rating in the UK. This fire retardant aspect of slate is why it is so often used on large scale public buildings.
All the positive practical applications of slate  are by no means damaged by appearance. Welsh slates especially are one of the most aesthetically pleasing roofing materials on the market. Their resistance is part of their appeal, as slate’s physical properties mean slate  will retain the visual appearance many decades after first installation.

A low maintenance material

Those who choose to go with Welsh slates look to save time and money on repairs and breakages.
At Westwood Roofing we believe the quality of materials needs to be matched by the skill and expertise of master slaters or builders. Those who handle the tiles do not do so lightly. Investing in a slate tiles is also an investment in the skill and expertise of professional and passionate labourers, which will translate to a high quality end product every time round.


Slate tiles often appear on the roofs of grand houses and public buildings because of their lifespan as a building material.
Welsh tiles will outlast alternative tile materials usually 2 to 3 times over; with an average lifespan of 100 years after install.
As Welsh slate is a naturally occurring material, it can be recut and reused many times over after their first life as a slate.

The eco-friendly building option

Slate tiles create no waste; they are a naturally occurring material and are sourced directly from the earth, and when used up they go back to the earth.
Its ability to be recut and reused means slate tiles are also environmentally friendly. 60% of the value of new Welsh slate can be found in second hand tiles, which is a testament to its premium quality. No other tiling material can compare.

Value for money

While slate tiles may seem expensive in comparison to other roofing materials, they are the smart option for those looking for value for money. On a cost for value basis, Welsh tiles a noticeably far ahead of the rest.
Paying more upfront will save you more in future, as funders of grand old homes and public buildings have proved time and time again.
Welsh slate tiles are one of the few features of houses that will gain value with time while providing peace of mind and a distinctly beautiful outer appearance.

The answer you're looking for

At Westwood Roofing, we only use the best quality tiles which we also offer to the public from our slate warehouse. We specialise in the supply and installation of the highest quality Canadian Glendyne and Welsh Penryhn slate tiles.

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Whilst the team at Westwood Roofing are specialists in the installation of slate roof tiles, we also provide an exceptional range of other services that will compliment any construction project. With expertise in the installation of range of shingle roofing options, you are sure to find the perfect match for the latest addition to your home.
For more information on slates, our services or our roof repair service, contact Heath, and let us here at Westwood Roofing help you realise your vision of a great-looking new roof constructed from roofing slate.

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