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Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Days of baking heat, evenings of high humidity, and the occasional thunderstorm: summer in Sydney can be hard to endure. Surprisingly, it’s as true for roofs as it is for people. By taking a few small steps to look after your roof now you’ll be able to stave off the need for large-scale roof repairs or replacements down the track. Here are some summer roof maintenance tips to keep your roof looking good throughout the sunny season, and beyond.

1. Inspect Your Roof

Take some time to do a “walk-around” of your roof. Look for things like cracked tiles, moss or fungal growths, dirt and debris, and visible damage. Once you’ve checked your slate, tiles, or shingles, spend some time inspecting the metal flashings of your roof, as these can become damaged in harsh weather conditions.

Be cautious when undertaking any sorts of clearing and cleaning activities, as the summer months encourage nest-building insects, and it’s possible that you may come across a wasp nest or similar.

2. When to Inspect Your Roof

Because some rooftops can become hot to the touch in very hot weather, consider undertaking your inspection early in the morning, or on a cooler day. It can also be a good idea to do multiple inspections in various weather conditions, as this will allow you to check that your roof is performing well in the sun, rain, wind and hail.

3. Stay Safe

Always wear protective gear when undertaking any sort of roof assessment and conducting basic cleaning and clearing activities, and be mindful of your safety when on the roof or using a ladder.

4. Use Professionals

Be sure to call in a professional to help with roof repairs rather than undertaking dangerous or complex work yourself, as professionals have the tools, experience and know-how to ensure that the job is done safely and efficiently. Professionals can also be of assistance when it comes to checking that your roof is in good condition, as sometimes it may be difficult to tell at first glance, or without the necessary expertise to know exactly how roof wear and tear presents.

No matter how you choose to undertake your inspection and any subsequent repairs, the key thing is that you spend at least one day of the Sydney summer ensuring that your roof is well-maintained and in good condition.