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Bulli Slate Cabana


This contemporary Cabana house was given a heritage-style twist through the installation of slate tiling across the entire roof. The owners had searched for a durable and weather resistant roofing material that would also provide individual character to their new home. Through careful consultation with the Westwood Roofing team it was decided that Bulli Slate would be the most appropriate to achieve their particular unique vision.

Shingles Roof Cabana HouseOne of the most striking features of this project was the beautiful Black Butt Timbers that were used to frame the entire roof.

The beams were left exposed into a vaulted ceiling to create unique architectural accents, the Westwood Roofing team installing the battens by hand with stainless steel fixings before the slate was put down. The combination of slate tile and exposed timber really worked to set this roof apart from the crowd.

The result is a project which combines long-lasting and durable modern approaches with a heritage sensibility that will continue to be enjoyed for many years to come.