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Mosman Heritage House


Located in Mosman on Sydney’s lower-north shore, this impressive, heritage-listed home was given a full slate tile refurbishment, along with a state-of-the-art solar panel fitting. The Westwood roofing team worked in close conjunction with a solar panel installation company to complete this unique project.

Shingle RoofingIn order to complete the waterproofing for the slate-roofing solar installation, we opted to sark and batten the area, re-nailing the roof with recycled slate tiles that had remained in surplus from previous roofing projects. The use of recycled slate from a previous project allowed the existing and refurbished sections of the roof to match perfectly, as well as fitting in with the environmentally-sustainable expectations of the owners.

The result is a project that matches old-world heritage charm with contemporary solar technology, creating a roof that not only looks fantastic, but will help keep this heritage home environmentally sustainable for decades to come.