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Cadmans Cottage


Though we are known for our expertise with slate tiles, the skills of the Westwood Roofing team extend beyond just slate roofing.

It is fairer to say that we have several areas of expertise when it comes to roof repair and maintenance, especially when it comes to buildings of older provenance, with which we have many years of hands-on experience. For this reason, the Westwood Roofing team is often invited to tender on projects of public and historic importance.

Built in 1816, Cadmans Cottage is the oldest surviving residential building is Sydney and one of a handful of examples of formal housing that remains from Australia’s early colonial period. Understandably, some elements of the building have deteriorated at a faster rate than others; owing to the fact that Cadmans Cottage was constructed from materials that could be sourced locally at the time. The cottage’s timber shingle roof is one area that requires ongoing repair and maintenance.

The building is currently in the trust of the National Parks and Wildlife Service; the clients on this project. In the course of repair and maintenance checks the National Parks and Wildlife Service found that, for the interests of preservation, Cadmans Cottage required a complete roof restoration.

Given our experience with heritage buildings, the National Parks and Wildlife Service invited Westwood Roofing to tender for the project, which we eventually won.

The project, undertaken from April 8, 2013—May 31, 2013, demonstrates the versatility and time management skills of the Westwood Roofing team.

In the repair process, our workmen will remove each of the deteriorated timber roofing shingles by hand. The replacement roofing shingles, called shakes, come from a local source of matching Casurina (or Rose She-Oak) and are hand split and cut to size before installation.

Cadmans Cottage will reopen to the public on June 1, 2013, allowing not only for ongoing preservation of the historic space but enjoyment of the building and surrounds for decades to come.