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Nothing feels better than overcoming a challenge! And the roofing project completed at “The Chalet” in Sydney’s Hunters Hill was certainly that. This particular project had seen the owners invest much time and energy into painstakingly restoring this historic home with a subtle blend of heritage-charm and contemporary architectural sensibilities. Decisions towards the correct roofing, however, were proving difficult. After conducting some personal research, the owner-builder contacted Westwood Roofing to see if they could provide a solution to their ongoing problem.

After consultation on-site, the decision was made to complete the project with a smart Welsh Heather Blue Capital Grade slate. The Welsh Capital grade proves to be particularly durable and impervious to all weather conditions. The project spanned a year, ensuring cooperation between the Westwood Roofing Team and the owner-builders personal and demanding schedule. As a final accent, the project was completed with heritage-style ridges and hips to enhance the blend of contemporary style with a unique and historic charm.