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Most Common Roof Problems

Your roof plays an important role in protecting your Sydney home, and ensuring that it remains in good condition is key to keeping the rest of your home in good repair. Investing in a regular roof inspection is a great way to make sure that any common roof problems are identified before they become a bigger problem.

Below are some of the most common roof problems that a roofing expert may identify when inspecting your Sydney property.

Improperly installed roofing materials

DIY has its place in the home, but roofing isn’t one of them. A poorly or incorrectly installed roof can result in leaks, as well as the likelihood that tiles or shingles may break, crack, or slide out of place. Improperly installed flashing and roof seals can also have an incredibly detrimental effect on your roof, and in turn your home. Only use professional roofing experts to undertake roofing repairs or replacements—and even to conduct roofing inspections. Those years of experience mean that a roofing expert can easily see an issue that an unpractised eye might not notice.

Moisture and animal issues

Sydney is prone to sudden heavy rain and storms, and moisture, hail and wind can wreak havoc on a roof. When moisture makes its way into roofing materials or beneath seals, it can result in damaging leaks into your home, as well as possible rot and mould issues. These problems often only become obvious when they reach a chronic level, so having a roofing professional inspect your roof on a six monthly or annual basis can be a good day of identifying them at an early stage. Rodents, birds and insects can also cause damage to your roof, but can be identified by a roofing expert and dealt with before they cause extensive, and therefore expensive, problems.

Overhanging trees and other debris

Having a green, leafy garden is the dream of many a homeowner, but though trees are good for the environment, they’re not always good for a home. Overhanging trees can brush against a roof, abrading it over time, and some types of trees can cause damage by dropping sap, leaf litter and seed pods, or damaging oils on to a roof. They can also make it easy for wildlife to access your roof, so keep an eye on any potentially damaging trees and take action accordingly.

Poor maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, and the same is true for your roof. It can be easy to let your roof maintenance slip out of lack of time or even lack of awareness about what’s involved in looking after your roof. By making a point to invest in a regular roof inspection, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that any issues with your roof will be promptly identified and dealt with before they become a bigger concern.

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