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Slate tiling & Winter Renovations; Can you really afford to wait ‘til summer?

It’s getting darker earlier outside and most of us are more than content to simply curl up with a hot and hearty meal in the evening and not really bother ourselves with worrying too much about what renovations or repairs need to be made around the house. Those worries can wait until spring and summer, right?


With winter in full-swing, many people may be inclined to think that perhaps a new slate tiling renovation to their home should wait for the warmer, clearer months. This is a popular misconception, one that applies to all renovation projects, not just the consideration of incorporating slate tiling into your home.
There are actually many advantages of beginning a home renovation in the colder winter months, advantages that perhaps you hadn’t yet considered or been made aware of. Here we look at just a few of the most beneficial advantages of undertaking a renovation during winter.

1. Project Scheduling.

If you’re considering any type of interior renovations, then the winter months could be perfect for you. If you are looking to re-paint the house, replace your flooring or update the lighting, these projects can normally be very easy to schedule with a contractor as there is not a lot of exterior work to be completed. The lack of exterior works planned in contractor’s schedules during the colder winter month’s may mean that it’s the perfect time for you to tackle those interior projects you’ve been meaning to complete for years.

2. Incentives and Reduced Rates.

Exterior construction like roofing slate work can often slow during the colder months. As this is often the case, some construction businesses may introduce reduced rates or special incentives in order to make the option of completing interior renovations a more appealing one. This is a great opportunity for those on a tighter budget to be able to complete the jobs around the house which have never before been possible.

3. Availability.

If you are looking to complete a larger scale renovation, for instance one that involves a shingle roof and a lot of interior work, the winter months will give you a lot of time to plan exactly what work you need completed. If there has been a possible winter slowdown in construction works, your contractor may have a larger amount of time available to help you in both the planning and design stages of your renovation. As the warmer months roll around your contractors work will inevitably pick-up, so take advantage of this consultation period while you can.

4. Avoid the spring price increases!

Winter is the time to shop around for reduced prices on materials and appliances that are going to be used in your renovations. If you’re looking to remodel your home, you may find close-out prices on appliances and be able to purchase building materials before manufacturers increase prices for the oncoming spring.
These are just a few of the considerations you can make when trying to decide whether to begin planning your renovation now, or wait until later in the year for the warmer weather to roll around again. When planning your next renovation, Westwood Roofing can provide excellent roofing slate services at an affordable cost.

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